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Quidditch is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, the DQB governs its development in Germany. On this website you can find all information on the DQB itself, the teams in Germany, and on quidditch in general. You can also get tips on how to start your own quidditch team!

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2016/17 season’s rulebook based on the international standard

For the 2016/17 season, Deutscher Quidditchbund will use the rulebook set by the International Quidditch Association for the upcoming two years. Small modifications adapt the rulebook to German quidditch specifically.

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Christian Zimpelmann new German national team coach

Zimpelmann will lead Team Germany together with co-coach Christian Häuser and team manager Juliane Schillinger. Focus of the 2016/17 season will be on the preparation for the European Games in summer 2017.

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Quidditch Academy 2016 in Darmstadt

1/2 October 2016 will see the first ever German Quidditch Academy taking place in Darmstadt. The focus will be on topics like leading practices, organising your team and ensuring your players safety.

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Opening bidding process for the EQC qualification tournament

The European Quidditch Cup will be played on 25/26 March 2017 in Mechelen, Belgium. And of course Germany will be represented! German teams can qualify at a tournament in January 2017. We’re currently looking for a host for this tournament.

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