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Quidditch is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, the DQB governs its development in Germany. On this website you can find all information on the DQB itself, the teams in Germany, and on quidditch in general. You can also get tips on how to start your own quidditch team!

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Organising committee for Winter Games 2017 appointed

The first German Winter Games are expected to see 15-20 teams competing. In order to facilitate the planning and realisation of the tournament, Deutscher Quidditchbund appointed an organising committee that will also serve as tournament direction during the event.

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Applications open for Winter Games organising committee

Deutscher Quidditchbund is looking for an organising committee that is going to be in charge of the tournament organisation, collaborating with DQB and the hosting teams from Munich and Passau.

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German Winter Games to take place on January 14/15, 2017, in Munich

The season’s first big official tournament, the German Quidditch Winter Games, is taking place on January 14/15, 2017, at Sportpark Nymphenburg in Munich. All full DQB member teams are invited and can earn a spot at the European Quidditch Cup 2017.

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2016/17 season’s rulebook based on the international standard

For the 2016/17 season, Deutscher Quidditchbund will use the rulebook set by the International Quidditch Association for the upcoming two years. Small modifications adapt the rulebook to German quidditch specifically.

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