Deutscher Quidditchbund


The German Quidditch Federation, Deutscher Quidditchbund e.V. (DQB), is dedicated to the advancement and organisation of quidditch in Germany and the support of its member teams on a national and international level. In cooperation with committed players and fans we aim to promote the sport of quidditch thoughout the country. We are also proud to work together with the national governing bodies of other quidditch nations in Europe and beyond to shape the future of the sport we love.


Organisational structure

DQB is currently composed of four departments: the secretariat, surrounding DQB President and Vice President, which is in charge of formalities regarding DQB and the collaboration with other national federations in the international quidditch committees, and the departments of gameplay, teams support and public relations. These departments are then subdivided into a number of working groups that focus on particular aspects of the day-to-day routine at DQB. Find an overview of all departments and their working groups in the figure below.

Together with president, vice president and treasurer, the heads of the departments of gameplay, teams support and public relations form the DQB board. The board is elected prior to the season by the DQB member teams, and coordinated DQB’s business and takes decisions on a wide variety of topics related to German quidditch. Information on the detailed issues on the board’s agenda can be found in the minutes of its meetings, usually taking place every fortnight.

The board’s counterpart is the DQB general assembly where all full members have a vote. The general assembly usually takes place once a year and prior to the new season.
Next to electing the new board, members can also participate in shaping DQB and its work by bringing forward motions. In addition to the formal general assembly, all member teams (both full and developing members) are also represented in the members’ forum where a whole range of topics can be discussed. The DQB board also utilises this forum to stay in touch with the teams throughout the season and to gather feedback on important decisions.


International network

DQB is a member of the International Quidditch Association (IQA) and the European Committee (EC). The IQA is the international governing body of quidditch. The EC, also known as "Quidditch Europe" (QE), is the IQA’s regional body for Europe. DQB is represented by the president or vice-president in both organisations.

As a full member of the IQA, DQB has one vote in the European Committee. When the EC meets every three weeks via Skype, we represent the interests of the German quidditch community in the European context. This includes for instance voting on plans for international snitch certifications, transfer regulations within Europe, or organisational issues related to the European Quidditch Cup, such as venue, staff decisions or spot allocation algorithms.

On the global level, in the IQA congress, DQB also has one vote which we use to influence decisions on topics of global importance for the sport at semiannual congress meetings. Examples include the organisational structure of the IQA itself, the election of the Board of Trustees, or the decision on the international rulebook.

Deutscher Quidditchbund is thus represented in all of the sport’s relevant international bodies where it is committed to the interests of the German quidditch community. We take this responsibility with pleasure and diligence, although we also understand that, as in all democratic organisations, we sometimes have to follow decisions that do not correspond with our own preferences.

More information on the different international organisations and their institutions will be available right here soon!