Meet the DQB board!


Niklas Müller - President

Niklas played Quidditch for the first time in April 2015 with the newly founded Heidelberger HellHounds. There he already realized how important it is for an orderly and fair game to be familiar with the rules. After founding the Bochum Quidditch team Ruhr Phoenix together with Saskia Busse in October 2015, he certified himself as head referee and enjoyed practicing the refereeing position at tournaments such as the German championship or the European Quidditch Cup. At the IQA World Cup 2016, he was head referee for several international games. This also led him to the position of game manager of the DQB. He soon found that he liked working for his NGB, which he also carried out as vice president in the coming year. Furthermore he continued his work as a referee and was again head referee at the World Cup 2018. In addition to his Quidditch activities Niklas studied mathematics at the University of Heidelberg and Ruhr University Bochum. After completing his studies, he began to work as a consultant.

When he isn't involved with quidditch, Niklas spends his time in studying math at the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum.


Monique Renk - Vice President





Roman Kehrberger - Treasurer

Roman concluded his law studies in Heidelberg in January 2016 and is currently working on his doctorate in Heidelberg as well. He loves sports and did his civilian service at a sports club, administrating and designing sports offers for ages 1-92. His experiences as treasurer go back to different clubs where he was responsible for budgets in the five to six digits range and played an active role in the organisation of large-scale events. Roman joined DQB in December 2016 where he initially counseled the board in legal matters, moving up to become treasurer in September 2017.


Marco Ziegaus - Gameplay

Marco studies embedded systems and works as a software developer. He has been playing with the Three River Dragons in Passau since October 2015 and also started organizing tournaments and working as a secretary for the DQB and IQA.You can also meet him as a referee at various tournaments, e.g. The European Games 2017 and the World Cup 2018. From summer 2016 to winter 2017/18 Marco studied in Sweden and helped to build up a new team there.




Jenny Krafczyk - Public Realations

Jenny plays for the Black Forest Bowtruckles from Freiburg since 2015. She took over organizational tasks early on and has been a member of the board since the 2017/2018 season, in the area of public relations. In the season 16/17, and 17/18, she took over the league coordination for Baden Württemberg.

Professionally, she works in Human Ressource development, specifically apprentice marketing.




Lena Niklas - Team Support