Social Impact


Social Impact refers to commitment that goes beyond the quidditch community. Quidditch is a pioneering sport in many ways, particularly with regards to gender integration. We want to share our values with the society that surrounds us and have a positive impact on our environment. The members of the SOCIAL IMPACTeam coordinate and implement a variety of activities related to the quidditch community's values and cooperate with other volunteers all over the world.

Open hours

If you have questions like

  • How can we adjust our team structures to ensure that everyone feels welcome? (e.g. making sure that changing rooms are inclusive to all genders)
  • How can we phrase our texts to address and include everyone? (e.g. using the gender star)

or other queries related to social or ecological aspects in quidditch, feel free to use our open hours:

  • every last Monday of the month, 8-9 pm
  • via Skype (Anne: annebecker101, Lea: leagoestosweden, Pay: patricia.heise, Simon: simonsadowski)
  • or send us an email to socialimpact[at] and we'll set a date specifically for you (e.g. for a Skype call or on the phone)



Brochure: Gender, Trans*, Inter*, Non-binary & Quidditch (German only)
Information on gender identities and the DQB's recommendations for the use of inclusive language

Summary: A short guide on gender inclusive language (German only)
A quick guide on gender inclusive language and some recommendations for daily usage

Workshop materials: "I experience something that you can't even see" (German only)
Sexism, racism & co - How to appropriately react to criticism on our behaviour

Workshop materials: Gender diversity (German only)
What we can do to make sure that everyone feels welcome in our team and at our events

Materials and ideas on the topic "Gender diversity"

Learning names and pronouns - Ball game (German only)
Extending the regular name games to also include everyone stating their pronouns contributes to ensuring that each person is addressed with the pronouns they prefer (e.g. he, she, they, no pronoun, ...). The so-called misgendering can be significantly reduced.

Binary toilets, showers and changing rooms only? - structural (German only)
Current structural conditions with regards to toilets, showers and changing rooms generally only include the binary system (male/female only). Pointing these structures out is important for an appropriate preparation prior to tournaments or other events.