The DQB volunteer force



Anne Becker - Social Impact
Anne plays quidditch for the Thunderbirds Trier, primarily as a beater. Outside of quidditch she works as marketing trainee.

Patricia Heise - Social Impact
Patricia coaches the Frankfurt Mainticores, and enjoys playing other team sports. In her off-quidditch time she studies sociology and German.

Lea Meyer - Social Impact
Originally from much further west, Lea moved to beautiful Passau for her studies and ended up discovering quidditch. Apart from quidditch, she loves waffles and steps up for more solidarity in our world.

Social Impact




League Coordination North

Steffen Wirsching - Team Germany Head Coach

Tristan Dück - Kidditch
Media student Tristan plays quidditch in Hamburg and seeks to pass on his love for quidditch to the next generation. As coach of the kidditch team QCH Feuerblitze and supervisor of other kidditch projects, he combines this passion with his pedagogic work.

League Coordination Baden-Württemberg

League Coordination East

League Coordination North Rhine-Westphalia

Nadine Cyrannek - Team Germany Assistant Coach

Team Germany Management Assistant

League Coordination Bavaria

Team Germany Assistant Coach

Player Database

Juliane Schillinger - Team Germany Manager
Juliane has supported Team Germany since 2015. As manager she relies on players way more capable than herself to secure one of those World Cup or European Games medals.

League Coordination Rhein-Main

Player Database


Community Outreach

Maya Wheldon - Community Outreach
Maya plays beater for Münchner Wolpertinger and lives and plays quidditch with great passion. She designs quidditch workouts for her team. But since that is not enough for her yet, and she can't have enough quove in her life, she is happily volunteering with DQB.


Public Relations

Leila Boehm - Online Editorial
Leila has been player for the Thunderbirds Trier since their first hour and has been hooked on the sport ever since. Off the pitch she lives her passion for photography and videography and might as well travel with German teams to tournaments abroad.

Candy Hobracht - Graphic Design


Graphic Design


Steffen Wirsching - IT
Steffen has been playing quidditch since early 2015. He studies computational engineering in Darmstadt. Working with the DQB IT department, he makes sure that all the tech runs flawlessly.