Germany ranks 11th at home World Cup, Australia takes home gold

From 21st till 24th of June, Deutscher Quidditchbund had the immense honour to host the IQA Quidditch World Cup 2016 in Frankfurt. 21 countries from all over the world didn't only show the best our sport has to offer on pitch, but also great sportsmanship all weekend round. Team Germany finished the tournament on rank 11.

Team Australia achieved a major upset at this year’s IQA World Cup in Frankfurt/Main when the “Dropbears” broke the US winning streak and beat the previously reigning world champion in the final. Congratulations to the new champion and to both teams for playing an exciting final that will be talked about for years to come.

The German national team finished their first ever World Cup, on home turf nonetheless, on rank 11. Coach Jonas Zinn was satisfied with the results: “The team showed a very strong performance in all their games and improved throughout the tournament. Even though, going by points, it was not always enough, our players gave their everything and fought back against all teams, including superiors ones.”

After losses to the US and Norway and a healthy win over Brazil in pool play, Team Germany faced soon-to-be world champion Australia in the round of 16. In the lower bracket for the places 9 to 16 they confidently beat Slovenia and Catalonia, but had to admit defeat in a rematch against Norway by a slight margin.

Results of all German games (* indicates snitch catch, incl 30 additional points):
Pool play (Saturday):
Norway 140* - 60 Germany
USA 170 - 40* Germany
Germany 200* - 50 Brazil
Bracket play (Sunday):
Australia 150* - 20 Germany
Slovenia 30 - 140* Germany
Norway 80* - 60 Germany
Germany 250* - 60 Catalonia

We would like to thank all fans, be it onsite in Frankfurt or at home on the livestream, as well as Elbenwald, Team Germany’s main sponsor, for their support!

As the host of World Cup 2016, we also thank the International Quidditch Association, the World Cup Organising Committee and the City of Frankfurt  for the great cooperation, and all volunteers for their tireless efforts over the course of the tournament weekend!
Sportdeutschland.TV, the web-TV of the German Olympic Sports Federation, did not only make the tournament livestream happen, but also offers all livestreamed games as videos on demand. You can find them here.

Pictures: Jens Gutermuth (1), Van Klaveren Quidditch Photography (2-4)