Team Germany Practice Squad selected

Following two try-outs, the national team coaching staff headed by Peter Bogner selected 40 players to form the practice squad. More than 100 players from all over Germany competed for the spots.

The last of two try-outs took place in Leipzig last weekend, allowing players from all over Germany to show their best in the hopes of making Team Germany for the IQA World Cup 2018. Based on their insights from that weekend and the previous try-out in Darmstadt in November, the national team coaching staff led by head coach Peter Bogner selected the practice squad for the World Cup 2018 in Italy. Out of the more than 100 players who tried out at one of the two weekends, only 40 will join Team Germany for the upcoming months of tournament preparation. 16 teams are represented on this season's practice squad.

"The interest, energy and commitment in all players at the try-outs proves that German quidditch is steadily moving forward. Talented players can nowadays be found all over the country. As coaching team, we are happy and proud of this development, but it is, above all, an achievement of the German quidditch community at large", head coach Peter Bogner reflects on the first two practice camps. "Unfortunately we cannot take everyone onto the team and some hard decisions had to be taken in the selection process."
The selection of the final tournament roster for the World Cup in Florence is expected for early May 2018. The coaches reserve the right to nominate a few additional players for the team up till then.

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The following players comprise the Team Germany Practice Squad 2018:
Michael Allgaier (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Tara Arabzadeh Jamali (Berlin Bluecaps)
Jadena Bechtel (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Borut Bezgovsek (Three River Dragons Passau)
Pascal Bothe (Flying Foxes Karlsruhe)
Leon Bürgers (Rheinos Bonn)
Svea Buttgereit (Three River Dragons Passau)
Nadine Cyrannek (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Lukas Dreyer (Rheinos Bonn)
Heiner Elser (Three River Dragons Passau)
Paul Fander (Ruhr Phoenix)
Madline Fischer (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Christian Forner (Münchner Wolpertinger)
Franziska Gröne (Braunschweiger Broomicorns)
Patricia Heise (TGB Frankfurt Mainticores)
Philipp Innecken (Hamburg Werewolves)
Johannes Klein-Peters (Düsseldorf Dementors)
Alexandra Klenner (Black Forest Bowtruckles)
Alexandra Krauser (Tübinger Thestrale)
Rosa Kuhn (Berlin Bluecaps)
Ruben Lampe (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Florian Messemer (Bristol Quidditch Club Bears)
Pascal Mrzyk (Rheinos Bonn)
Andreas Opitz (Three River Dragons Passau)
Heinrich Ottensmeier (Bielefelder Basilisken)
Hermann Ottensmeier (Bielefelder Basilisken)
Christian Plesker (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Giulia Pugnaghi (Rheinos Bonn)
Sina Rehberg (Rheinos Bonn)
Oda Helene Schiøtz (Münchner Wolpertinger)
Max Erik Schulze-Steinen (Ruhr Phoenix)
Tamara Schwager (Three River Dragons Passau)
Friedrich Teller (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Leander Troll (Rheinos Bonn)
Patrick van Halem (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Markus Wagner (Three River Dragons Passau)
Till Wagner (Rheinos Bonn)
Steffen Wirsching (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Marco Ziegaus (Three River Dragons Passau)
Christian Zimpelmann (Rheinos Bonn)