"Brooms Up!" for the Regional Leagues 2018

The German Quidditch League is up for the next round: in the upcoming weeks, regional leagues all over Germany are starting into the new season. This year, 30 teams are participating across the country.

After a tournament-rich first half of the 2017/18 season, the spring is bringing the league back onto the German teams' schedules. The six regional leagues, kicking off with their first match days in the upcoming weeks, host a total of 30 teams - an increase by eight teams compared to last season.

When is each regional league starting?
Baden-Württemberg - April 14, 2018
Bavaria - March 18, 2018
Northern Germany - March 25, 2018
North Rhine-Westphalia - March 11, 2018
Erstern Germany - March 18, 2018
Rhein-Main Region: March 17, 2018

Find detailed information on the German Quidditch League and the various regional leagues on our League page.