Team Germany Extended Roster for World Cup revealed

As we are approaching the crucial preparation period for the IQA World Cup 2018, national team coaching staff has selected the 30 players to form the Team Germany Extended Roster. The roster will be further narrowed down to the regular tournament size of 21 over the course of the next months.

The IQA World Cup 2018 is taking place in Florence, Italy, from June 27 to July 1, 2018. After a successful performance at the European Games 2017, expectations are high within Team Germany; head coach Peter Bogner has set his sights on the Top 6.

Following a number of practice camps in the first half of the season, the national team's coaching staff led by Bogner has narrowed the team down to an Extended Roster of 30 players from whom they will select the tournament roster of 21 and four substitute players in the upcoming two months.

Team Germany Extended Roster 2018:
Michael Allgaier (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Jadena Bechtel (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Borut Bezgovsek (Three River Dragons Passau)
Leon Bürgers (Rheinos Bonn)
Nadine Cyrannek (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Lukas Dreyer (Rheinos Bonn)
Heiner Elser (Three River Dragons Passau)
Paul Fander (Ruhr Phoenix)
Madline Fischer (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Christian Forner (Münchner Wolpertinger)
Franziska Gröne (Münster Marauders)
Tara Jamali (Berlin Bluecaps)
Johannes Klein-Peters (Düsseldorf Dementors)
Alexandra Klenner (Black Forest Bowtruckles)
Alexandra Krauser (Tübinger Thestrale)
Rosa Kuhn (Berlin Bluecaps)
Ruben Lampe (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Max Martens (Berlin Bluecaps)
Mio Martens (Berlin Bluecaps)
Anneke Müller (Rheinos Bonn)
Andreas Opitz (Three River Dragons Passau)
Heinrich Ottensmeier (Bielefelder Basilisken)
Giulia Pugnaghi (Rheinos Bonn)
Sina Rehberg (Rheinos Bonn)
Oda Helene Schiøtz (Münchner Wolpertinger)
Tamara Schwager (Three River Dragons Passau)
Leander Troll (Rheinos Bonn)
Patrick van Halem (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Steffen Wirsching (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Christian Zimpelmann (Rheinos Bonn)

Team Germany is being coached by head coach Peter Bogner and assistant coaches Florian Marquardt and Marlon Raabe. They are supported in all management matters by Juliane Schillinger and assistant Ida Meyenberg.