World Cup roster for Florence 2018

The final roster for the IQA World Cup 2018 in Italy is set, where the best 21 quidditch players from all over Germany will compete with some 30 nations. Support the team now!

The IQA World Cup 2018 takes place on June 30 and July 1, 2018 in Florence, Italy. Team Germany has been preparing for this highlight for the past season and is traveling to Italy with big goals: head coach Peter Bogner wants to see the team ranking among the Top 6 of the world.

The tournament roster, released by the coaching staff today, consists of the 21 best players of the country, backed up by, for the first time ever, four reserves. Nine German quidditch teams are represented on the final roster.
The selection took the players' performance over the course of the entire season into account, particularly during Team Germany practice camps that were held all over Germany. The German national team, which is practicing together on a regular basis, comprises a total of 40 players.

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World Cup roster Team Germany 2018:
Michael Allgaier (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Jadena Bechtel (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Borut Bezgovsek (Three River Dragons Passau)
Leon Bürgers (Rheinos Bonn)
Nadine Cyrannek (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Lukas Dreyer (Rheinos Bonn)
Madline Fischer (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Christian Forner (Münchner Wolpertinger)
Franziska Gröne (Münster Marauders)
Johannes Klein-Peters (Düsseldorf Dementors)
Rosa Kuhn (Berlin Bluecaps)
Max Martens (Berlin Bluecaps)
Anneke Müller (Rheinos Bonn)
Heinrich Ottensmeier (Bielefelder Basilisken)
Giulia Pugnaghi (Rheinos Bonn)
Sina Rehberg (Rheinos Bonn)
Tamara Schwager (Three River Dragons Passau)
Leander Troll (Rheinos Bonn)
Patrick van Halem (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Steffen Wirsching (Darmstadt Athenas QC)
Christian Zimpelmann (Rheinos Bonn)

Paul Fander (Ruhr Phoenix)
Tara Jamali (Berlin Bluecaps)
Alexandra Klenner (Black Forest Bowtruckles)
Ruben Lampe (Looping Lux Leipzig)

Coaching staff:
Peter Bogner (Head Coach)
Florian Marquardt (Assistant Coach)
Marlon Raabe (Assistant Coach)

Juliane Schillinger (Manager)
Ida Meyenberg (Management Assistent)