Review League Final 2018

The League Final 2018 is over and brought few surprises.
Last weekend, the best 20 German teams competed in the Leauge Final
for a total of eight places for the European Quidditch Cup.

The qualifier took place on the grounds of the PSK Südstadt Karlsruhes. The weather was as perfect as the mood of all participants. Despite the high level of competition during the games, the weekend was again characterized by fairplay and positive cooperation.

The results in the group stage caused astonishment early on. The Jena Jobberknolls won 120** : 100°° against the Three River Dragons from Passau. The rumors regarding Passau's "heavily weakened" squad turned out to be true: the team could not reach any of the EQC spots this season.

Only few had the Bielefelder Basilisk on their radar when it came to the predictions for the tournament. A big mistake. This was already evident in their first game as they lost only 90* : 70 against the reigning German champions, Darmstadt Athenas. In the course of the tournament, they proved that they earned the 6th place and thus a ticket to the Devision 2.

In an exciting finale, the Munich Wolpertinger won the first tournament victory in their club's history. They confidently secured the snitchcatch, as well as the decisive victory, against Darmstadt.
"We brought our strongest team ever and despite some injuries, we have never lost our good mood and were rewarded in the end," says Maya Wheldon (Coach Wolpertinger) "The role of the underdog has always motivated us, but now it's the start of a new journey."



The third place went to the team of the Ruhr Phoenix from Bochum, who were able to prevail twice  against their derby rivals, the Rheinos Bonn.

The hosts, Flying Foxes Karlsruhe, only reached a 16th place in the end. Nevertheless, it was a successful tournament for them. In the group stage, Karlsruhe had a hard time: Three of four opponents qualified for an EQC spot in the course of the tournament. 
"The group was referred to as the „group of death“ on Facebook," said Paula Venzke, captain of the Flying Foxes, "Every beat, every successful move and every goal was a success for us. Our goal was not to win the group, but to show what we can do. "

The League Final has clearly shown: Something is happening in the German Quidditch landscape. New teams are ready to shake up the old structures and want to show the results of their hard training.


The final ranking:

 1. Münchner Wolpertinger

 2. Darmstadt Athenas

 3. Ruhr Phoenix Bochum

 4. Rheinos Bonn

 5. Looping Lux Leipzig

 6. Bielefelder Basilisken

 7. Augsburg Owls

 8. Berlin Bluecaps

 9. Three River Dragons Passau

 10. Hamburg Werewolves

 11. Münster Marauders

 12. Jena Jobberknolls

 13. Heidelberg HellHounds

 14. Black Forest Bowtruckles Freiburg

 15. Broomicorns Braunschweig

 16. Flying Foxes Karlsruhe

 17. Frankfurt Mainticores

 18. Binger Beasts

 19. Thunderbirds Trier

 20. Portkeys Bremen