Meet Team Germany's European Games roster 2019!

Approximately three months prior to the IQA European Games in Bamberg, Team Germany's tournament roster is set. The 21 best quidditch players from all over the country will chase their first medal this summer.

After a successful practice weekend alongside the World Cup silver medallist Belgium, national team head coach Steffen Wirsching and his coaching staff made up their mind: the Team Germany tounament roster for the IQA European Games 2019 in Germany is set. "The team made the decision as challenging as always", Wirsching comments the selection process. "There is a lot of fresh talent in Team Germany this year and all of them have proven their worth over the course of this season. Our opponents will be in for a few surprises at the European Games."

The European Games take place from 28 June till 1 July 2019 in Bamberg. Team Germany will compete with national teams from all over Europe; the International Quidditch Association expects up to 25 participating nations. After a 5th place at the European Games 2017, Team Germany has their eye set on the first medal this year.

Please direct all press inquiries and questions about sponsoring opportunities at the national team management via teamgermany[at]

Tournament roster:
Leon Bürgers (Rheinos Bonn)
Jana Chung (Rheinos Bonn)
Sebastian Elster (SCC Berlin Bluecaps)
Paul Fander (Ruhr Phoenix)
Madline Fischer (Darmstadt Athenas)
Hanna Große (Rheinos Bonn)
Meike Hinz (Ruhr Phoenix)
Johannes Klein-Peters (Düsseldorf Dementors)
Jan Kohler (LSV Looping Lux Leipzig)
Rosa Kuhn (SCC Berlin Bluecaps)
Maximilian Martens (SCC Berlin Bluecaps)
Marvin Mense (Bielefelder Basilisken)
Heinrich Ottensmeier (Bielefelder Basilisken)
Julia Piazolo (Heidelberg Hellhounds)
Giulia Pugnaghi (Rheinos Bonn)
Tom Roloff (Ruhr Phoenix)
Max Erik Schulze-Steinen (Ruhr Phoenix)
Lena Steuer (Heidelberg Hellhounds)
Leander Troll (Rheinos Bonn)
Philipp Wetterich (Darmstadt Athenas)
Christian Zimpelmann (Rheinos Bonn)

Viviane Bröker (Braunschweiger Broomicorns)
Maximilian Hitzler (Horkruxe Halle)
Sara Kauth (Hamburg Werewolves)
Niklas Zorell (Hamburg Werewolves)

Steffen Wirsching
Nadine Cyrannek
Noel Moutin

Juliane Schillinger
Maya Wheldon