Quidditch around the Globe


When quidditch was first played in the US in 2005, nobody expected it to spread all over the globe within the first ten years. By now, quidditch teams exist on all continents (except for Antarctica, because penguins can't fly.)



The hub of quidditch in Europe is without doubt the United Kingdom. With 26 teams participating in the British Quidditch Cup 2015 and Team UK coming in as the best European team at the Global Games 2014, the UK is certainly the most advanced quidditch nation in Europe. Quidditch has also been played in Ireland for several years, although it did not reach the same level of popularity there yet.

Almost every country on the western side of the European continent is home to quidditch players. The most experienced teams can be found in France, Italy, Norway, Belgium and Spain where they were founded a few years ago, and compete among each other and the teams from the UK for the European quidditch throne. Just as Germany, other countries like the Netherlands, Austria and Poland are catching up fast with more and more teams evolving out of quidditch interest groups and teams growing stronger as they gain experience.

In the far eastern edge of Europe, quidditch is also developing with surprising speed in Turkey, sending teams to tournaments all over the continent that show their capability to take on the established leaders of European quidditch.

European Quidditch Cup:

2017 (Mechelen, Belgium) - winner: Antwerp QC
2016 (Gallipoli, Italy) - winner: Paris Titans
2015 (Oxford, UK) - winner: Paris Titans
2014 (Brussels, Belgium) - winner: Radcliffe Chimeras
2012 (Lesparre-Médoc, France) - winner: Paris Phénix

European Games:
2017 (Oslo, Norway) - winner: UK
2015 (Sarteano, Italy) - winner: France


The rest of the world

The US and Canada are home to the oldest and most experienced teams, and host several hundreds of teams with thousands of quidditch players in total. Many American universities have one or more quidditch teams, some even host their own intramural leagues. The annual US Quidditch National Cup, formerly the IQA World Cup with the top teams from all over the world being eligable to play, is the biggest quidditch event worldwide and attracts tens of thousands of spectators every year.

Towards the south, Mexico is developing fast with their first big national tournament held in January 2015 and an evergrowing number of teams that can certainly teach the rest of the world a lesson about creative team names. South American countries have also been on the rise in quidditch for the past few years. With Argentinia taking the lead on the continent, quidditch teams are now also emerging in other countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

On the other side of the Pacific, quidditch has been played in Australia since 2010, giving it some of the most experienced players outside of North America. First quidditch activities in New Zealand have also been reported lately. Otherwise, the next countries to play for the Australians are in southeast Asia where quidditch has been spreading since 2014 as well. Quidditch teams have been popping up in Malaysia, Vietnam and on the Philippines, just as in China, where groups of quidditch fans started great quidditch teams by the help of available online resources and their very own creativity.

Drawing quite some attention in the quidditch community, quidditch spilled over to Uganda in 2013. First established at a single school with some help from the UK, quidditch has become popular among the youths of the region.

Global Games
2016 (Frankfurt, Germany) - winner: Australia
2014 (Burnaby, Canada) - winner: United States
2012 (Oxford, UK) - winner: United States