Become a referee!


Referees form the backbone of any sport. With a team of usually six or seven referees on the field, and additional game officials off-pitch, quidditch relies on the commitment of its players and community members to serve as referees.

In order to ensure high-quality training for its referee and a consistent certification system, the DQB is working with the Referee Development Team within the International Quidditch Association. The IQA RDT is composed of some of the most experienced quidditch referees worldwide and works persistently on new material to improve the quality of referees around the globe. The certifications issued by the IQA RDT are the standard worldwide and thus required for referees at most international tournaments. Certifications can be obtained for the positions Head Referee, Assistant Referee and Snitch Referee.

The access to the training material and the certification tests for assistant and snitch referee are free, a small fee incurs for the certification as head referee. Sign in to and get your certification! You don't need a code to do so anymore. 

And keep this in mind: all head, assistant and snitch referees at official DQB tournaments are getting paid!