The German National Team


Once a year in summer, the national teams of different quidditch nations compete against each other. In odd years, the European nations take on each other at the European Games; in even years, all countries take part in the Quidditch World Cup. The German national team, “DQB21” in short, provides an opportunity for the best players in Germany to compete with other quidditch nations on the highest level.

In the preparation for the IQA European Games 2019, Team Germany has been coached by head coach Steffen Wirsching and assistant coach Nadine Cyrannek.
Promising players can be recommended for the national team by their coaches at the beginning of the season. Additionally, large tournaments are used to scout new talents in the German community. Over the course of the whole season, regular practice camps aim at improving the players' interactions on pitch and forming a team early on. National team players are also given the opportunity to improve on an individual level.

The national team coaches can be reached at coach[at] More general enquiries should be directed at team manager Juliane Schillinger (teamgermany[at]

Interested in cooperating with Team Germany? Find all information on sponsoring opportunities here (German document)!


World Cup 2018 (Italy)

Making their way into the World Cup quarterfinals in Florence, Team Germany was stopped after a narrow defeat against Turkey. The team eventually ranked 7th after beating host team Italy. Take a look at the tournament recap for further information.


European Games 2017 (Norway)

The European Games 2017 in Oslo, Norway allowed Team Germany to establish itself as one of the top teams in Europe by beating Team Turkey in the match for 5th place. The team's strong performances and results throughout the tournament are summarised here.

Team Germany at the European Games 2017:
Back row (left to right): Oda Schiøtz, Simon Burgis, Patrick van Halem, Jan Kohler, Emely Joost, Steffen Wirsching, Jonas Becker, Christian Zimpelmann (Coach)
Middle row (left to right): Nina Heise, Juliane Schillinger (Manager), Leon Bürgers, Ida Meyenberg, Hanna Große, Jadena Bechtel, Max Martens, Nadine Cyrannek, Philipp Stolz
Front row (left to right): Marco Ziegaus, Sebastian Elster, Leander Troll (Captain), Borut Bezgovšek, Miriam Quaß, Anneke Müller, Sabrina Hönig, Christian Häuser (Sssistant coach), Sami Fekkak
Lying in front (left to right): Patricia Heise, Sebastian Jux


World Cup 2016 (Germany)

At the IQA World Cup 2016, Team Germany could prove their value on home turf as the tournament was played in Frankfurt/Main. After putting up a fight against some of the best teams in the world and great matches by all players, the team came in on 11th place. Find more information on the home World Cup and Team Germany's performance here.

Team Germany at World Cup 2016:
Back row (left to right): Simon Burgis, Patrick van Halem, Adrian Schleeh, Philipp Wetterich, Christian Zimpelmann, Philipp Stolz, Philipp Dahlhaus
Middle row (left to right): Ewelina Wolska, Juliane Schillinger (Manager), Martin Kleine, Jonas Zinn (Coach), Lisa Tietze, Nina Heise, Ida Meyenberg, Theresa Raulf, Christian Häuser
Front row (left to right): Nadine Cyrannek (Captain), Sarah Fuchs, Sabrina Hönig, Sebastian Elster, Alexander Heinrich, Sven Schulz, Leander Troll


European Games 2015 (Italy)

Team Germany first set foot on the international stage at the inaugural European Quidditch Games in July 2015 in Sarteano, Italy, where the team could advance to the quarterfinals thanks to their convincing performance. A summary of the tournament can be found here.

Team Germany at the European Games 2015:
Back row (left to right): Jonas Zinn (Coach), Benno Schwanzer, Eugen Schatz, Fabian Zipfel, Adrian Schleeh (Captain), Johannes Brantl, Sebastian Klemenz
Middle row (left to right): Nina Heise, Bob Thines, Lisa Schmerbeck, Felix Linsmeier, Susanna Mohr, Juliane Schillinger
Front row (left to right): Patricia Heise, Katja Weyhermüller, Jessica Adrian, Carmen Jäger, Lisa Struck, Christian Häuser